FarNorth Designs is a company that specializes in making student athletes feel like the superstars that they are by putting them on phone cases, just like the professionals. With these cases they are not only supporting their team, but they have an awesome customizable case to boost their confidence. The players are printed on clear cases to emphasize them, with a custom filter to make them pop!



We also want to give back to the schools! Every school that is teamed up with us has a chance to get money back to their sports programs. There will be stages set for each sport where if a certain amount of cases are sold, then a percentage of each case will go back into that program! The more cases bought, the more money goes back into the programs!


It doesn't just stop at phone cases!  We also do posters for any event and make super-fan shirts for any sport!

William Meyerhoff

President & Co-founder



Bret Schwinghammer

Vice President & Co-founder