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Social Media Signage

We came to Waconia’s Girls Basketball with the idea that we want to increase their social media numbers by creating some great looking game day signage, little did we know how quickly it would take effect.  

When we were going through ideas with Coach Pierson, the main idea was to make it as personalized as possible and feature every player on the team.  For the personalization of the game days, we added not only the players names, but their own signature.  This adds a personal touch that can not be any more perfect.

Another personalized touch that we did wasn’t an idea until the photoshoot happened.  This is where their personalities really showed and friends were doing dances such as this one here.  It’s one thing to be on the Game Day signage for your team, but to be on it with your best friend is something unmatched.

Early Numbers

1 +
Total People Reached

Total interactions just on their new social media header.  This hasn’t even included their game days yet and is already higher than their previous high of 115.


This is just as important as the amount of people reached.  If a ton of people are seeing your post but not engaged in it, then we aren’t getting anywhere.  A 35% engagement is an incredible start. 

New Followers

People are not only seeing the posts and interacting, but they want to see more!  People see something they find intriguing and want to see more and I think they will be pleased once gameday roles around.

This was all within 8 hours of the new social media header being updated*

Team Poster

A team poster is something that the Waconia Girls Basketball team has been doing for as long as they can remember.  In the past their team poster was only just a photo of the team standing on the court, this year we wanted something more than that.  We came up with a design that was eye catching and also went with the social media signage.  This idea turned into something spectacular that not only shows everyone on the team but also has their own personal touch.

Youth Night

One of the main reasons that Waconia Girls Basketball always does a poster is for the kids.  Every year on youth night kids get in for free and would get a poster of the team.  For the past few years they would only print 100 posters and a lot of times would have some left over.  This year with their new poster, they printed 175 and there weren’t any left by the end of the night.  We are very proud of our work and to have parents come up and thank us for the best team poster their child has ever been apart of was truly special.

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